Mhairi Hall

I wish I was brave enough to start a blog but I don't think I have anything interesting to share on a regular basis. Looking forward to your launch.
Mhairi (CIJ'11)

Hi Kim !
I started my blog last year after CIJ !!! It gave me the courage (?!) to blog....and I don't regret it !!!
So, welcome and see you later !!

Vanessa R

Hi Kim - just jump right in!! I also started my blog (quite a while) after CIJ last year. It's a lot of fun.
Will watch this space as you head off on your 'journey' All the best.
Vanessa R


Welcome Kim :)
I'm sure you'll find lots of friendly folk here, looking forward to seeing your creative doings along the way!
Have fun..
Cheryl x

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